Where Installation

"Where Shall We Put It?"

To further assist in the flexibility of our heaters we are able to offer various methods of installing. For total space saving we offer ‘Ceiling Mounted’ or ‘Wall Mounted’ and for total flexibility we offer ‘Portable Free Standing’.

Portable Free Standing

Our portable Free Standing models are available in all designs and sizes (excluding 1200mm x 600mm) and have a choice of frameless, Oak or Beech Wood and 24mm Brushed Aluminium frames. All models are available with a choice of stands including Solid Oak or Beech wood and Aluminium. All wooden supports are available with casters for easy relocation. Whether you decide on a basic coloured panel, a mirror and any of our art designs the choice is up to you.

Each freestanding heater has a choice of backings from basic MDF board to a contrasting glass panel. Our example photograph shows a ‘Fire’ photographic design with a black glass rear panel; however we can also combine other designs with each other i.e. Art Design Front with a Mirror Backing or two different art designs or even two mirrors; the choice completely yours.

Ceiling Mounted

Ceiling Mounted literally is as described, this is an ideal solution when the room is of normal height as this is the most efficient position for heat coverage of the whole room. Installation is simple with additional custom made brackets that securely fix the heating element. All sizes and all designs are available (even Mirrors!!!), as are the entire frame choice.

For an additional enhancement to your environment why not consider our stunning lighting package that will flood the area with a soothing background light. far infrared illiminated heater panel

Wall Mounted

Wall Mounting permits the element to be positioned at any height upon the wall. All wall-mounted heaters can be hung in either Landscape or Portrait increasing their flexibility