Safety Standards


Safety & Quality are very important to us that's why all infraNOMIC Heating Elements have been safety tested to the very highest standards by the German safety standards authority and have awarded the European TUEV and GS sign.



All infraNOMIC heating systems are made using Toughened Safety Glass conforming to the latest European Standards and are certified by German TÜV (Protection rating IPX4).

The full IPX4 rating for our heaters allow use in bathrooms, and can be really used in any location of your home.


CE conformity label

The units comply with the test requirements of the European Low Voltage specifications 2006/95/EG and the harmonised Product Standards EN 60335-1 and EN 60335-2-30 and are marked with a CE Conformity Label.


Automatic Shutoff Feature

The Heating Panels incorporate a built-in 'Safety Cut Out Switch' so that when overheated by abnormal use, for e.g. by covering the heater, the Heating Panel will automatically switch itself off. Through removing the power to the heater and allowing a period of approx. 10 to 15 minutes to elapse the safety cut out switch will automatically reset itself. After rectifying the problem that has caused the overheating, and by connecting the power the Heater is again ready for normal operation.


2 year Manufacture's Warranty

All infraNOMIC Heating Elements are completely Maintenance Free and are covered by a 2 Year Manufacturer's Warranty.

Manufacturer's Warranty Statement

The Heating Panels are guaranteed by Wolff & Meier for 2 years after the purchase date. If the Operating and Installation Instructions are followed and are correctly adhered too, we guarantee the free-of-charge replacement of the Heating Panel if the problem occurring is directly related to a manufacturing or material fault. If however the problem has been caused by incorrect installation or operation, the free-of-charge guarantee becomes null and void.

Your personal rights regarding this guarantee are not diminished.