Product Range

The Infranomic product range

We offer a large range of heating units for various areas of application, in many different designs.

With the multitude of different designs, it is certain that there is an Infranomic heating unit to perfectly suit your very own style and any local conditions.

Infranomic heating units are available in the following options:

Our product groups are available in four different frame designs:

  • Frameless
  • Aluminium frame 10 mm
  • Aluminium frame 24 mm
  • Wood frame ( oak or beech ) 30 mm
Most models can be delivered in the following sizes: Serving rooms of approximate cubic meter room size:
  • 600 x 400 mm (200 W)
  • 600 x 700 mm (400 W)
  • 600 x 900 mm (500 W)
  • 600 x 1100 mm (600 W)
  • 600 x 1200 mm (700 W)
  • 1-9m3
  • 9.1-18.1m3
  • 18.2-22.7m3
  • 22.8-27.2m3
  • 27.3-31.8m3

Product Information

The Future is Energy Efficient Heating

It's time to act now and start saving.

infraNOMIC heating systems are based on ultra modern infrared technology, and is suitable for both Commercial and Domestic applications, designed to be wall or ceiling mounted or as a portable free-standing unit. This unique type of heating minimises the loss of energy as it does not rely on heating the air within the room, but instead the totally harmless electromagnetic waves directly heat all types of solid objects, including people. This in essence means that all objects capable of absorbing these waves will generate heat, which in turn will heat the room in an equal and efficient manner. This heating system does not rely on air convection so there are no cold spots within the room, dust & airborne contaminants are not circulated and there is no variation of humidity.

All infraNOMIC heating systems are made using Toughened Safety Glass conforming to the latest European Standards and are certified by German TÜV (Protection rating IPX4). They are splash proof and can also be installed in bathrooms.

infraNOMIC heating can be used to completely replace old expensive heating systems or as a heat source to areas that aren’t already heated, conservatories, house and loft extensions; saving incredible amounts of money and mess on having your pre-existing heating system extended.

Although infraNOMIC heating systems are predominantly used as a heat source, there are many other benefits that this system can provide. It is a known fact that infrared has health benefits too, no dust circulation or humidity changes ideal for asthma sufferers, helps to relieve joint pain, sore muscles and arthritis ideal for the elderly and as infrared heating offers all the good things that natural sun light offers it is known to give a good sense of wellbeing, giving more energy and relieving stress. infraNOMIC heating systems are available in a host of different designs, from mono coloured panels to High definition art designs, photographs and mirrors (See Designs) and have a choice of Stylish Brushed or white Aluminium, Solid Beech Wood or Oak frames. All that is needed to ensure a pleasant warm environment is a 230/240v electrical socket. This beautiful, yet versatile heating system can be installed, saving energy costs in minutes. Each unit can be supplied with its own independent thermostat allowing total control to your environment.

Maintenance Free

Even the best energy efficient condensing gas boilers still only use 90% of the fuel input wasting 10% of the energy used, and older boilers can use as little as 55% and with the average cost of £67.00 for servicing a gas boiler (excluding radiators) and average boiler repair costs of £256.00 or £850.00 to replace, conventional heating systems can become very expensive.

All infraNOMIC Heating Elements are completely Maintenance Free and are covered by a 2 Year Manufacturer's Warranty.

If you require further information on infraNOMIC heating systems, please feel free to contact our Support Team.