Photographic Art Heaters

Photographic Art Designs

Stunning Detail

Beautiful Art


Our stunning range of Photographic Art Designs will be the centrepiece to any location, digitally printed directly onto the heaters glass surface the detail and fadeless colours are unprecedented within the heater market.


If you think these images are good..., just wait until you see the detail of High Definition Photography
as reproduced on the far infrared heater panels


Our catalogue consists of a wide range of pictures, adding a very special atmosphere
to every living space.


Don’t be restricted to our photographic art designs. You can choose the picture for your Infranomic heating unit yourself. At your request we will create your very own personalised Infranomic heating unit. Simply send us your desired picture – for example via email – and make sure that your picture has a suitable resolution (approx. 5 mega pixels or more).

Portraits & Personal Photographs

Either for your own use or as an ideal gift for the Grandparents, our portrait heaters will really add the personal touch to any room.

Highly decorative with the practicality of a fully functional heater; the stunning high definition detail with vibrant colours will bring the best out of any photograph ensuring that not only will it blend effortlessly into your environment but will also be the main conversation piece and the envy of your family and friends.

Being truly versatile, any photograph is possible to be digitally printed directly onto our heating elements; all we ask is that they are a minimum of 5 mega pixels. Our highly experienced technicians will assess your image and voice any concerns prior to production, ensuring you are nothing but totally delighted with your purchase.