Installation of Far Infrared Heaters

Wall Installation Instructions

Installing an infraNOMIC heating element is as simple as hanging a picture. All infraNOMIC heating elements come complete with full installation instructions and fixings required for attaching to a wall.

Does not require any electrical knowledge or specialist tradesman to install.

Anybody with basic -Do It Yourself- skills can have an element fitted, working and saving money in minutes. infraNOMIC Heating Elements can easily be removed for decorating or for relocating to a different part of the room.

Six Simple Steps (15-20 Minutes Maximum)

  1. Drill 2 x Holes at the required height & location
  2. Insert Wall Plugs provided
  3. Insert Hanging Hooks provided
  4. Attach Spacer Bolts provided
  5. Hang Element onto the Hanging Hooks
  6. Plug In and Switch On

Ceiling Installation Instructions

Think of infrared as light; in order to minimize “infrared obstructions” mount the panels in such a way that the infrared light covers the desired area. Installation instructions are easy and downloadable.

The optimal installation height for ceiling mounted systems is 2.5 to 3 meters. If at all possible, do not install the panels above 3m without consulting us first. For ceiling heights in excess of 3m, the panels may be suspended by steel chains.

Location of Thermostats

With a far infrared system, where the thermostat is placed can make a big difference. Please make sure that the thermostat(s) are not influenced by external factors.

Wherever possible, please adhere to the following:

  • Locate the thermostat at least 2m but no more than 5m from the heating panel.
  • Do not locate the thermostat near a window; keep it at least 2 meters away from the window if possible.
  • Place the thermostat away from direct sun exposure.
  • The mounting height of the thermostat should be between 1.5 and 2 meters