Heater Control

Getting the most out of your heating

We offer a wide range of thermostats for both increased energy efficiency and practicality. Here you can find everything that makes using your infraNOMIC heating unit even more comfortable: From thermo timers to assembly sets.
Every type of heater works more efficiently when it has some form of control. The most simple is purely an on/off control by means of a switch. When switched ‘on’ you get full power until you switch it ‘off’. ( Not a very efficient way of controlling temperature. )

Controlling the temperature in a room to your own requirements and/or controlling the times at which the heater will come on or off will greatly increase the efficiency of your heating system and save you money. Programmable controllers accomplish this.

We have a range of programmable controllers, which provide measured control over your environment, and at the times you can define. Instructions for thermostats are easy and downloadable.

Take Control with our Range of Controllers

infraNOMIC offer a variety of controllers that ensure our heater elements give you optimum performance and increased energy efficiency. We advise that you contact our Support Team to ensure the correct Controller System best suited to your needs.

Thermostat Unit

Control individual room temperatures vastly reducing your energy costs with this plug-in thermostat. Needing no wiring or electrical experience, this is an instant solution.

ET05 Thermostat operating instructions

Thermostat Timer Unit

Our Thermostat Timer offers the best of both worlds. This clever device enables the heating element to operate to a required room temperature within required time slots.

For example at night time, the bedroom heaters could remain active to temperature and the other rooms not used could be timed out; then in the morning these are timed in and working to temperature and the bedroom heaters could be timed out.

This type of heater thermostat will allow you to totally control your buildings heating requirements, enabling you to save even more money on your heating bills.

ET01 Thermostat operating instructions.

Hard Wired Thermostat Units

Hard Wired Thermostats are ideal if the property is undergoing a rewiring process, however by adding additional wiring to a pre-existing system this thermostat can still used. Our range of Hard Wired Thermostats are connected directly to the property’s 230/240v electricity supply and the heating element is then connected to the thermostat that acts as an on/off switch subject to the conditions set by the users.

TPS308 Thermostat operating instructions

Why Should I Consider a Programmable Thermostat?

A programmable room thermostat combines the time-clock function within the thermostat whilst offering additional features.

The main additional feature of a programmable thermostat is the ability to set different temperatures at different times of the day – known as comfort levels. As the temperature set-point can be made to match the lifestyle of the occupant, a programmable thermostat gives far more flexibility and greater energy saving. In addition, programmable thermostats also serve as a frost stat.

RTC80.7XX Thermostat operating instructions

Features (All Hardwire Models)

  • On/Off control
  • Symbol indicator when heating is on
  • Current room temperature displayed when reached
  • Key-Lock function for protecting the settings (child proof)
  • Controls multiple heaters (if required)
  • Illuminated Display - Only when adjusting the settings
  • 7 Day Timer / Temperature Programming

For total control and to maximise the energy saving potential of these thermostats we recommend that each room containing a heating element has its own individual controller, allowing complete zoning programmed to suit your lifestyle.

For further assistance on these products please don’t hesitate to contact us.