Financial Advantages

Energy Efficient and Environmentally Friendly

Buying Infranomic pays off. There is no need for a central heating system, boiler or fireplace. Even installation is child's play and anyone with even the slightest technical aptitude will find it easy.

Infranomic has an efficiency level of almost 100% – nearly all the energy used is for heating. A further advantage is the complete lack of maintenance needed: Infranomic heating elements are wear free and have an extremely long life expectancy.

You can also save money with operating costs when compared to conventional heating systems. Using only electricity for operation gives you peace of mind from rising gas and oil prices. With the option of green electricity, Infranomic is a first class solution for environmentally friendly heating.

Cost Savings


The incredible efficiency of thermal infrared equates to substantial savings on heating bills across all three of the main heating mediums i.e. gas and oil fired radiators along with electric storage heaters.

The following examples are results of independent tests carried out to compare the energy use of infrared panels against the other three heating options.

The tests are based on reaching and maintaining a comfortable level of thermostatically controlled heat in a domestic home.

Infrared vs. Oil
Fired Central Heating

Infrared used on
average 30%
less energy
than oil systems used


Infrared vs. Gas
Central Heating

Infrared used on
average between
30 - 35% less
energy than the
gas systems

Infrared vs. Night
Storage Heaters

Infrared used on
average 40% less
energy than night
storage heaters



For more on this, please see the far infrared heating cost calculation page. [ referring to operating costs ]

Customer Quote:

"Having already installed new supposedly low energy heaters and being very disappointed with the heat and the value for money I replaced them with infraNOMIC and saved an additional 55% off my winter energy bill.

We have had gas central heating and electric radiators in our house over the last 18 months and haven't managed to be warm and cosy without spending an absolute fortune on energy bills, with the infraNOMIC heating we have been warm, cosy, and had lower bills! What more could we want?”