Heater Planning

Far infrared heater plannng

EcoPropertySolutions has made planning your new heating easy, but please always remember we have a dedicated Support Team at your disposal should you require any assistance or if you wish to plan your heating for you please go to the Quotation page and fill out the form provided.

Planning Made Simple

All recommended sizes of heaters using these calculations and tables are subject to the overall insulation value of the property and have been calculated based on having modern Low Emissivity Double Glazing installed.


With the following simple hints, tips and checklist you will be able to plan your own ideal heating system to suit your needs and environment.

Follow these easy steps:

Firstly, in order to start your planning you will need to the measurements of the room(s) you wish to heat.

These measurements should include;

Room Name
Width (W)
Length (L)
Ceiling Height (H)

Once measured we need to ascertain the room volumn ( in m3 ), this is one of the main pieces of information needed to know what heater size is required.


Width = 3.25m
Length = 5.2m
Height = 2.50m

These are multiplied together, namely, 3.25 x 5.20 x 2.50 = 42.25m3

We now use the table below to ascertain the correct heater size.

What is the size of each room to be heated in m3?

Far Infrared Heater Panel Size

* Example 1
We can clearly see from the (Room Size Column) that the heating panel(s) required for a 42.25m3 room are 2 x 500W panels.

Once the Panel(s) have been sized for power, the next step is to decide which type of frame, and what type of panel you prefer. The total combinations of these two criteria are shown as Codes in the charts shown below.

With the help of these charts you can ascertain what these codes could be.

*Example 2

Having determined in Example 1 that 2 x 500W panels are required to heat your room.

and, if your choice of design was for example - 1 x 500W Panel as a Mirror with Wooden Frame and 1 x 500W Panel as a Picture with Wooden Frame, both with mdf backing, the resulting choice would be:

1 x 500W Panel B4 (example 2A) and
1 x 500W Panel D4 (example 2B)

Positioning Heaters

As our heaters project the heat directly into the room (rather than heat the ceiling space) it is advisable to give as much clear space as possible into the room.

If you are planning on installing multiple heaters it is recommended that they are shared throughout the room, this will ensure an even temperature. You may even want to consider ceiling mounting so the heaters project the heat directly downwards into the area.

If you are unsure of where to position your heaters please contact our support team.