Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

Reducing Carbon Emissions is big news at the moment, with the government setting targets to increase energy-efficiency by 20% by 2010 and in the process aiming towards Carbon Free Sustainable Buildings.

A building’s Carbon Footprint is based on the amount and type of energy used; Gas for example can have a much higher Carbon Footprint than electricity.

infraNOMIC Heating Elements are suitable for both Domestic and Commercial applications and will dramatically assist with the overall reduction of a building’s Carbon Footprint. Most Hotels for example use standard convection heaters within their bedrooms, simply by changing these heaters to infraNOMIC Heating Elements would have a massive effect on the Hotel’s Carbon Footprint.

Schools, Offices, Guest Houses and Standard Housing, Apartments, Loft Conversions and Extensions could all benefit from our Energy Efficient Heating Elements; contributing towards a cleaner, greener future.

InfraNomic Heaters cut CO2 emissions in two ways; they use less energy because of their efficiency, and they produce no CO2 at the point of use.

To show, how the efficiency and hence the power required of a heater to heat a room will have a major impact on the Carbon Footprint, we have made a comparison between a standard electrical Panel Heater and the equivalent Infranomic Heater heating a room of the same size.