Customer Comments


Dear EPS,

Many thanks for your excellent advice. This has been one of my better decisions. Even during this recent extreme cold spell our Mirror Heater with back lighting has maintained my Mother's bedroom at a totally comfortable level and at minimal running cost! If I were ever to build again then this form of heating would be my first and only choice. Trust the Germans to excel again. I can recommend these heaters unreservedly.

Mike ( name and address supplied ), January 2011


The infranomic team are very knowledgable and I was really taken with your enthusiasm about the heaters! After a couple of bad heating systems I asked loads of boring questions which you answered fully and gave me real confidence in the products. The website was a great source of information and nice to see pictures in situ.

We have had gas central heating and electric radiators in our house over the last 18 months and haven't managed to be warm and cosy without spending an absolute fortune on energy bills, with the infranomic heating we have been warm, cosy, and had lower bills! What more could we want? Well, we wanted to reduce the amount of condensation mould, heat each room individually as and when we needed it and have slimline heating panels that don't intrude into our room space. All of this has happened with the fab heating from you, as well as everyone who visits asking us what "is this really your only heating"? and being really impressed by the look of them - I've never commented on people's radiators but ours are really popular!!!

Having already installed new supposedly low energy heaters and being very disappointed with the heat and the value for money I replaced them with infraNOMIC and saved an additional 55% off my winter energy bill. 

And clearly, your after sales support is great! The better adaptors that you sent were very thoughtful as seemed to be just for ease of use rather than safety or anything mandatory.

You probably won't want to quote me on this, but are welcome to on everything else, but my dogs will not move from their blanket which is in front of one of the heaters when it is on! Walkies, dinner or chicken will not get them away from soaking up the heat on a chilly day!
So, a massive thank you! We really thought we might just have to put up with a chilly house and are very happy to be wrong!
God, bit gushing but totally genuine!



What a marvellous product, super quality and very effective. My Elephant art design has bright colours and incredible detail. I use my heater for when we get chilly in the nights and instead of turning the central heating thermostat and simply turn my heater on instead, as a result we saved over £200 pounds on our winter fuel bill. Money well spent and a great investment

S Hart


I am receipt of my heater, the appearance is so much better than a radiator. It is such a refreshing change to find everything is as stated with delivery on time and in such good condition. Performance exactly as you promised. In short, a Five Star Product.

M Weet


Just a short note to let you know that all the heaters, thermostat and receivers arrived yesterday. The packaging and delivery were first class. The heaters have been hung throughout my house and I must say the portrait pictures look amazing, we are very pleased with them. I am now in the process of setting up the house thermostats and receivers. I would like to thank you for such a smooth operation in buying these heaters, from my initial enquiry, to delivery. I will definitely recommend Infranomic heaters to my friends.